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        手機版微信小秘書天貓旗艦店 京東旗艦店網站地圖


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          森拉特在全國設有400多家銷售門店,在浙江省內屬于營銷服務一體化企業,產品市場占有率名列全省靠前,在全國范圍內也是采暖散熱器的典型企業,先后入選全國采暖散熱器委員會常委單位,被評為中國散熱器行業十大品牌,擁有國內專利133項 (其中發明專利4項),在同行業企業中靠前,被評為省級專利示范企業、科學技術成果12項,更連續多年獲得散熱器行業“產品金質”獎、“中國采暖散熱器行業知名品牌”。2016年,森拉特成功入選CCTV《工匠精神》欄目,成為暖通行業錄播品牌。2017年,森拉特與知名地暖品牌德國玫爾達成全球戰略合作伙伴關系,成為德國玫爾地暖在中國地區的代理商。2019年榮獲“中國供暖行業民族品牌100強”。

         Zhejiang Sunlight Heating Equipment Co.Ltd was established in 2003, covering an area of 50000 square metres. It’s an integrated high-tech enterprise in researching, designing, production & sales of heating radiators. Sunlight is a key enterprise which has been given special support from the municipal government, with more than 400 staff. Its products have been exported to European & American countries and won good reputation in the market. Our sales volume of chrome plated mild steel radiators ranks first in China.

         Sunlight is positive developing vogue & novel radiators, aiming to become the benchmark in leading the industry. It owns 48 patents, within which D Shape Radiator, Musical Instrument Series , Dual-side Small Wave Aluminum Radiator & classic chrome plated bathroom products have made hit since their inception into the market. Meanwhile, Sunlight has taken the advantage of the themes like “ Sunlight Hall Day”, “ the Power of Cloud”, “ China Dream”,” Sunlight Humanity” to enter the heating industry. Its brand stories like “ six-kingdom theory” , “ Twelve beauties of Jinling”, “ China Dream”, “ Vogue Aesthetics” are well received by the end users. With the principle of “ Refined in Form, Dedicated in Quality”, Sunlight goes all out to become the first brand in high vogue radiator market.

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        Specializing in heating industry, with domestic & international business Sunlight is pursuing to become the fast developing manufacturer in the market.




        數千年前,大思想家、哲學家老子在他的《道德經》中,精辟地闡述了道家的哲學"人法地,地法天,天法道,道法自然 "。"道"的法則是自然,道的力量生生不息、源源不斷,自然(nature),宇宙之本源,大道運化天地萬物,無不是遵循自然法則的規律,無不是得自然本源之功,無不是返歸于本根。

        Sun nat(森拉特)品牌,為一合成詞,即"Sun"(太陽神)和"Nature"的融合。Sun nat(森拉特)正是承襲了古希臘太陽神阿波羅(Sun god)的惟美精涵,同時深植于中國道法自然(nature)道家哲學文化土壤。喻意古希臘太陽神的"唯美、溫暖、和諧"的感性訴求與中國傳統"道法自然"的哲學思想合二為一,孕育出Sunnat(森拉特)東方和西方、藝術與功能、簡約與奢華、理性與感性相融共生的品牌之基。

        The ancient Greek mythology, the God of Mount Olympus twelve Apollo (Appollo), wearing in laurel, Myrtle, crown yuan, olive trees and lotus leaves woven up blue sky, and handsome. Because of its open and aboveboard, is good at playing in archery, arts, and was widely read. Apollo (Appollo) is the real sun god (Sungod), the God of light, the God of truth and medicine God, he became more people's spiritual leader, but also a model of male beauty.

        Thousands of years ago, a great thinker and philosopher Lao Tzu in his "moral", "brilliantly expounded the philosophy of Taoist law, law day, days France Road, imitation of nature". "Tao" is the rule of nature, the power of life and growth in nature, Everfount, nature (nature), the origin of the universe, the universe has no road transport, not to follow the natural law of the law, no is not a natural source of power, not a return to the origin.

        Nat Sun (Selat) brand, as a compound word, that is, "Sun" (the sun god) and the "Nature" integration. Sun nat (Selat) is inherited the ancient Greek sun god Appollo (Sun God) the beautiful Jing Han, also deeply rooted in the Chinese nature (nature) philosophy of Taoism culture. Meaning the ancient Greek god of the sun "beautiful, warm and harmonious" emotional appeal and China traditional philosophical thought of "nature" be made one, bred Sunnat (Selat), Eastern and Western art and function, simplicity and luxury, rationality and sensibility of symbiotic brand base.

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